PPSR Registrations with PPSR Cloud

PPSR Cloud represents a collaboration of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most experienced software developers in the PPSA space, with the most experienced advisors on the PPSA.


We started this journey because of the persistent and costly errors we’d seen with PPSR registrations. In the process of advising thousands of businesses, we identified the most common registration errors and developed PPSR Cloud – software that ensures simple, safe and accurate PPSR registrations.

PPSR Cloud was created to simplify the management and administration of the PPSR. Simple, safe and accurate registrations, registration management and enhanced search capabilities. Just a better way to manage your PPSR.

Many businesses use the Government registration portal when performing their PPSR registrations. Unfortunately, the PPSR has been openly criticised for the ease with which registration errors can occur and the lack of internal checks.

Australia’s former Small Business Ombudsman commented on this very issue:
Put simply – systems and regulations imposed on small businesses by the government need to be easy to get right and hard to get wrong. At the moment PPSR is hard to get right and easy to get wrong.”

PPSR Cloud makes PPSR compliance simple, safe and accurate.


Xander van der Merwe – founder of MH Interactive

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Xander van der Merwe is a highly experienced Chief Executive and Technology Officer with an extensive history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Xander’s multi-level skill set covers a wide spectrum including business development, management, product and software development, requirements analysis and software architecture.

Simon Read – founder PPSAdvisory

With almost 30 years of experience as an Insolvency Practitioner, Simon ‘jumped the fence’ and now helps protect his clients from the insolvency of their customers. ‘The poacher has become the gamekeeper’.

Simon started PPSAdvisory in 2010 and as the name suggests, it is purely a PPSA advisory firm. Initially providing advice to clients in Western Australia, PPSAdvisory now supports and advises hundreds of clients throughout Australia.

Their motto says it all – “If it involves the PPSA, involve us.”

simon read

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