How it Works

PPSR Cloud makes PPSR registration, search and data management simple, safe and accurate. 

In stark contrast, the Government’s PPSR registration platform has been criticised for its complicated and complex processes. and has long been criticised for the ease with which mistakes in PPSR registrations can be made. 

Why use PPSR Cloud?

PPSR Cloud is an easy-to-use software interface to the Australian and New Zealand PPSR Registers, enabling users to simply, safely and accurately perform all their PPSR related transactions and ongoing management. From registrations, amendments and renewals to searches, all can be done in PPSR Cloud.

With direct B2G connection, the PPSR Register is updated in line with any of the transactions processed through PPSR Cloud. The registration data in PPSR Cloud mirrors the data on the PPSR Register but does so in a simpler, more manageable way.

PPSR Cloud has all the features of the PPSR Register, plus many more!

Simple Registration Process

PPSR Cloud takes first time users through a series of ‘Wizard’ guides to identify the security they wish to register, create their PPSR registration policy and develop a registration template for all future PPSR registrations.

Users can carry out single or bulk registrations in accordance with the established registration template. PPSR Cloud makes managing PPSR registrations a very simple process, with users able to perform all registry functions from the one control page.

PPSR Cloud also enables the majority of registration functions to be performed in bulk. Whether it’s registrations, amendments, renewals, discharges or searches, all can be performed in bulk. Just ‘drag and drop’ your data and PPSR Cloud takes care of the rest.

Easy to Understand Language

The PPSR has been criticised for its complex technical language (similar to the registration process). PPSR Cloud, however, cuts through the industry jargon with simple language and clear explanations to provide a superior user experience.

The use of plain language is carried throughout the platform, including your reporting options. PPSR Cloud can produce summarised, prioritised reporting of registration data in an easy-to-understand language.

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